We treat a variety of orthopedic injuries related to the musculoskeletal system. These general injuries include neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, elbow pain, wrist injuries, hip/pelvic pain, knee injuries, and foot/ankle pain.

To name a few specifics: 

Cervicogenic neck pain & related headaches
Trigger points
Muscle strain/tears
Rotator cuff, shoulder labral injuries, and impingements
Lower back pain
Hip Impingements and labral injuries
Knee injuries
ankle/foot including plantar fasciitis

Treatments may include as deemed medically necessary and appropriate by the medical professional:

Soft tissue massage / Instrument-Assisted Soft tissue Massage
Functional Dry Needling with/out electrical stimulation
Joint mobilization
Myofascial stretch
Breathing reset with movements
Cupping with Red-light therapy
Progressive, but appropriate overload with movement-based rehabilitation

Strength Therapy is strictly 1-1 for the entire treatment/training session. No techs or assistants. 1-1 sessions provides a more detailed and intimate experience to treat the pain present with evaluate movement to find the root cause of the problem.

Each patient and training client will have customized plans to follow between each in-person experience.
These will include exercises, stretches, and movements combined in an individual routine to help each person stay on track to relieve pain and address the root cause of pain ASAP.

Strength Therapy is OUT OF NETWORK with insurances. Meaning, we do not accept insurances like the traditional medical model. We don’t care for insurance companies telling us and our patients how they should be treated and which treatments they should receive. We allow the MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS to maintain that responsibility. There are no hidden fees or costs. All pricing plans are paid upfront as a 2-way commitment to help each person achieve their goals and surpass all expectations.

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